About Us

The Canterbury Waterpolo Board has been in existence since the 1950s.  Originally under the auspices of the Canterbury Swimming Federation, the board separated in 1986 and then became an Incorporated Society in 1990.

It plays a large role in the development and implementation of waterpolo training and competitions throughout Canterbury in all ages from Primary School to Senior Men’s and Women’s’ level.

Each stage in a player’s involvement in waterpolo is as important as the next providing a framework for their future and for the future of the sport. Therefore we aim to provide the players with positive, encouraging and rewarding experiences through training, competitions and tours within New Zealand and internationally.

As any sport at a high level that depends on the young players who are coming through, Canterbury Waterpolo saw the need to establish strong roots in the junior levels. In establishing the Canterbury Aquatic Education Programme while assisting the existing Flippa Ball and Junior waterpolo programmes established by the NZWPA we are ensuring the future of the sport, by encouraging waterpolo at the most junior level.


  • To promote the sport of water polo in the Canterbury region and the skills required for this sport in a wide range of population groups.
  • Further develop the foundations and ability of the local teams in providing competition to other centers of New Zealand and Australia
  • Give local players the positive and developmental experiences necessary to further their sporting futures in waterpolo.
  • Develop the ability and experience of our new and existing coaches to allow them to provide the best training and playing conditions for our players here in New Zealand.
  • Help reduce the statistics of drowning by developing children’s’ transferable skills that not only enable players to enjoy pool water, but other aquatic areas which Water Safety New Zealand have been identified by as potentially dangerous.